Children who would benefit from our services include those who have difficulties with:  

  • Hand skills (fine motor skills)  

  • Play skills  

  • Self care skills  

  • Sensory issues  

  • Coordination and clumsiness

  • Feeding difficulties  

  • Toileting issues, and  

  • Difficulties in participating in any other everyday activity



  • Perform a thorough assessment based on your priorities and goals for your child

  • Provide you with a detailed report

  • Develop a goal based plan for  you and your child

  • Provide individual or group therapy sessions at our clinic or your home

  • Consult with others working with your child at preschool, childcare, school or high school

  • Consult other health professionals working with your child.


myOT! Therapy services are based on your child’s priorities and goals.  We use a child's strength and their parent's expertise to address their child’s difficulties. Therapist guided intervention techniques and child-directed meaningful play are used to develop a child’s skills and increase their participation, enjoyment and success in life!



myOT! Therapy Services provides specialist Hand Skills and Handwriting programs. Daniela is the author of Therapy ACT's "Write On" and "Hands On" programs. Write On is a program which provides training for teachers to assist children who have difficulties with fine motor, hand skills and handwriting skills in preschool, Kindergarten and Years 1- 2 within the classroom setting. Hands On is an in-service for parents to assist them in helping their child at home through everyday activities. Feeding Intervention (Daniela was a co-founder of Therapy ACT's "Munch N Crunch" program). This program helps children with feeding difficulties by working on their oral motor skills , sensory issues and positioning whilst feeding.