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Hand Function

If your child has difficulty...

handwriting, pencil grasp, avoids drawing or colouring in, cannot do up fasteners -buttons, zippers; tying shoelaces; using cutlery, difficulty using two hands e.g. cutting, trouble crossing the mid line (e.g. passing toys from one hand to the next instead of reaching over to grasp), has no hand dominance difficulty doing activities that require small, dexterous finger movements e.g. lego, threading beads. We offer Write On, Hands On, and Handwriting without Tears Programs.

Everyday Living skills

If your child has difficulty...

dressing or undressing, trouble with buttons or zippers, dislikes having a bath, cannot use cutlery, spills when drinking from a cup, dislikes brushing teeth or hair, difficulty orientating clothes correctly, toilet training issues. We can prescribe assistive technology e.g. Bathing equipment – throne, showering chairs. We offer the Toilet Wise Program. Our Occupational Therapists are CO-OP – goal directed learning Self care Parent Workshops.


If your child has difficulty...

self-regulation, extreme emotional outbursts, seeks or avoids messy play e.g. sandpit, water play, slime, Is always on the go – loves trampolines, swings, doesn’t want to wear shoes or socks, is easily distressed by loud noises, bright lights, gags at certain smells - withdraws, easily frustrated, frequent meltdowns and tantrums, Is overly aggressive with you – biting, hitting
We offer behavior modification strategies.
We offer Sensory Processing Assessments, Strategies, Alert Program and Interception Program, Zones of Regulation.


If your child has difficulty …

moving by themselves - prescribe assistive technology (eg specialised strollers, car seats, seating systems, wheelchairs – manual and powered, poor sitting posture– prescribe assistive technology slope board, pencil grips, putty, move n sit, specialized desks and devices.


If your child has difficulty with…

frequent tantrums or meltdowns, struggles to follow instructions, unable to co-regulate or self-regulate, can become physical with themselves or others, easily frustrated.
We offer Behaviour Modification Strategies. We offer Sensory Processing Assessments and Strategies Alert Program, Interoception Program Zones of Regulation.

Social Skills

If your child has difficulty with …

prefers own company, dislikes being in groups, observes play rather than being an active member in play, struggles to make and maintain friends, unable to recognise emotions - own or others, finds it hard to empathise with others.
We offer the Social Thinkers - We Thinkers 1 and 2 Program, Super Flex Program and Secret Agent Society (ages 8-12yrs).

in their...